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Why Choose YSTAR  WPC Products?



(1)Material Safety and Environmental Friendly


Low flame spread; High slip resistance; Excellent thermal properties; Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives, all composition are pass testing of ROHS. Environmental friendly; Can be recycled with 100%; No sting of wood; 


(2)  Install & Maintain easily --for outdoor construction engineer project.


Easy to install and  fabricate by consumers ; Require less routine maintenance; no need staining,

Instruction manual of installation together with our products.


(3) Technical advantage of YSTAR WPC products. 


A,Water absorbing and moisture proof:


Ystar WPC product contents only 0.04% water of its own, which is far below the normal solid wood.


Swelling  in dimention of product length and width ,thickness are far below than requirements of EN1087.


B,Weather Resistance


Ystar WPC products made of a unique formula to optimizing the weather resistance. It has long-term usage in wide temperature range (-29°C~40°C), and will not make it appear bad, aging and broken under sun exposure and moisture environment against the requirements of EN ISO 105A02 and ISO 4892.  


C, Thermal cycling  and freeze-thaw resistance


Ystar WPC products at least resists 23 cycles after thermal cycling and freeze-thaw testing in temperature range range (-29°C~40°C), 24hours in the water, 24h in -29°C ,24 h in room , 24h in oven drying. And NO CHAP OR BUBBLE.


D,Bending strength and hardness test


Ystar WPC products own in high strength and toughness. Test results show that bending stength and Bending Elastic Modulus are up to 40MP and 4670MP (State Forestry standard 20MP and 1800MP). The mechanical performances of Ystar WPC are in a leading position in the WPC line. For the hardness ,it is 63N/mm2 conformity with EN1534


E, Expansion Rate


 Ystar WPC will expansion 1.5-2.1mm in thermal cycling and freeze-thaw testing for temperature range (-29°C~63°C),  And 3.5-5mm for temperature range (-29°C~72°C)



Y-StarWood Advantages:





Y-STARWOOD is available in different surface:




Thin groove,flat,thick groove and embossed,there are in six standard colors and with an array of color options.You can customize any outdoor living space.




Company Concept:


1“YSTAR" is developed under concept of "people Friendly,Environment Friendly,and High Quality"


2.Based on abundant and historical designs which are handed down continuously throughout the world


3,we strived to produce new premium quality products to suit all needs.


4,That is why we have named our WPC products the 'Y(U)-STAR"


5, One characteristic of WPC products is them developed as substitute of natural wood with low maintaince with 20years lifespan.


6.We strive to provide and satisfy our customers with innovative WPC products


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